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Rushcliff Joins Burton Albion Academy for a winning season!




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PPS Supports the Invictus Games 2017


As the opening day draws nearer, we grow more and more excited to see the fantastic competitors and amazing events that make up the Invictus Games.

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The evolution of private practice.

As we work relentlessly on the evolution of PPS, it is not without forethought that we forge our path into the 21st century and beyond.

During our latest project, the team here at PPS have done a lot of reflecting, not only on our PPS journey but also on the origins of private practice. We found ourselves asking questions such as where did it all start? What continues to drive this industry forward? And, most importantly, what do our practitioners need in order to continue to thrive and succeed?

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New Year Resolutions






Every year we all look forward to that highly anticipated midnight celebration which for some, is set to mark a turning point in our lives.

Resolutions can set you on the right path for a prosperous new year, so below we have suggested some PPS new year resolutions which you can apply to your practice to ensure your success in 2017.

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Organisation. Organisation. Organisation.



The central cog to any business is organisation. In private practice this usually revolves around an appointments schedule, keeping track of the whereabouts of both practitioners and clients.

With PPS your appointments diary can be more than just a record of your consultations.

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