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The evolution of private practice.

As we work relentlessly on the evolution of PPS, it is not without forethought that we forge our path into the 21st century and beyond.

During our latest project, the team here at PPS have done a lot of reflecting, not only on our PPS journey but also on the origins of private practice. We found ourselves asking questions such as where did it all start? What continues to drive this industry forward? And, most importantly, what do our practitioners need in order to continue to thrive and succeed?

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New Year Resolutions






Every year we all look forward to that highly anticipated midnight celebration which for some, is set to mark a turning point in our lives.

Resolutions can set you on the right path for a prosperous new year, so below we have suggested some PPS new year resolutions which you can apply to your practice to ensure your success in 2017.

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Organisation. Organisation. Organisation.



The central cog to any business is organisation. In private practice this usually revolves around an appointments schedule, keeping track of the whereabouts of both practitioners and clients.

With PPS your appointments diary can be more than just a record of your consultations.

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The Lowdown on our Latest Security Upgrade

tls security upgrade


We recently reached out to all of our clients to inform them of some upcoming security improvements that we are distributing to the majority of our products, and you may be wondering what it all really means.

We want our users to understand why we are making these changes and help you to reap the benefits of our improved security measures.

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Are You A Digital Dinosaur?



If you have been running a long established busy practice, you’re sure to have mountains of paper work:  paper patient files, paper consultation notes, paper appointments diaries! And I’m sure by now, you’re running out of space to store it all!


Rather than running out to buy yet another filing cabinet, perhaps it’s time to think about taking that cash and investing in an electronic practice management system. Bringing your practice into the digital age not only reduces your carbon footprint but can also significantly reduce your admin time for all practice staff, including your practitioners!


Paper has worked for you so far, so why change now?

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